Netflix- Please stop the Bird Box Challenge


By Syafiqah Azman

Any fans of Netflix movies here? If you are one, pretty sure you have watched the movie Bird Box that was released recently. 

Bird Box is one of the latest thriller films on Netflix starring Sandra Bullock. The movie has set a new record for the best-ever first week for a Netflix film, as it reached 45 million Netflix accounts streamed the movie.

Since then, people have been obsessed with the movie so much so that they re-enact the movie scene where they blindfolded themselves in real life and called it #BirdboxChallenge. 

Some users on social media shared their #BirdBoxChallenge, and it seems that they took it way too serious. It ended with some running near cars on roads and even accidentally causing their kids to run into the walls. 

This apparently caught Netflix’s attention and made them say something on it.  

“Please do not hurt yourselves with this Bird Box Challenge,” said Netflix on their official Twitter account. 

Netflix also warned people to stop doing the Bird Box Challenge because it was risky and they could land in hospital.

It is clear that people have taken this Bird Box memes to another level and would even risk their lives just for a challenge. Well let’s hope nobody gets into any trouble or gets hurt because of this challenge!