Standard one girl with fluent english went viral

Hana Aisyah Mustafa Kamal

By Nadhirah Sofea Rashid

It might be hard for some people to speak English as our mother tongue language is Bahasa Malaysia. But in today’s modern world, kids can talk so much better in English than some adults do!

A video which has since gone viral on Twitter shows a seven years old girl speaking fluent English with great confidence! Typical Malaysians would call it ‘cakap mat salleh’ 

The girl, Hana Aishah Mustafa Kamal was interviewed by a local media during Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad’s visits to SK Kedawang, Langkawi on the first day of school!

The video shows Hana speaking about her first day in school. With full of confidence and joy, she answered all questions.

Her confidence in speaking in English caught the attention of many people. Some netizens even saluted the girl for having such good English. 

There is no excuse for some not to learn how to speak English, when a standard one girl can do it so well. 

English is after all a universal language and Dr Mahathir himself has been repeatedly stressing how important learning the language is.

Watch the video below and see just how brilliant this little on is!

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