Weird man licked doorbell for three hours

Police are now looking for him - Screenshot from Youtube

By Huzraifah Atikah

What a weird way to start the year.

Police are looking for a man after he was captured on surveillance cameras licking a doorbell for almost three hours in California, United States. 

The man, identified as Robert Daniel Arroyo, 33, was also caught urinating and took an extension cord in the front yard of Sylvia Dungan house.

The extension cord, however, was found the next day by her neighbours. 

Sylvia said that during the incident she and her husband were not in town but their children were asleep at home and not woken up by the noise. 

She was alerted of some movements near the house's front door by the surveillance system and was really surprised to see what the man did to their doorbell. She then informed the police as she was scared for her children's safety.

She said the incident was funny and made her laugh about it as the man technically did not do anything. 

“This just kind of reinforces how important it is to have security within your home,” Sylvia said. 

The surveillance video has made it easy for Salinas police department to identify the man. 

Police are now looking for him and could face charges for petty theft and prowling.

Watch the full video here.

This is by far the funniest story for 2019.