New Year with Underground Music

Margosa band performing at Drug Free Underground Eve

Goodbye 2018, welcome 2019!

What did you do in ushering in the new year?

I can easily say that most of you would have either been partying and hitting the dancefloor in a club with the DJ playing infectious EDM hits, chilling with friends at a bar, on a holiday with your loved ones or if you are an anti-social potato; at home in front of the TV.

As for me, I went to a gig. Now you must be thinking, what gig was there on New Year’s Eve? The answer is the underground music scene. Some Malaysians look down upon our local scene and criticise them for not being able to break out internationally. As a music producer myself, I can relate to it.

There were at least 50 artists/bands playing in total on the day of the event. Called the ‘Drug Free Underground Eve 2018/2019’, it was held at Oasis Discovery Centre (ODC), Petaling Jaya.

With bands playing music which appeases everyone, it was a bargain. Not to mention that the ticket was sold at RM30 at the venue and RM25 for presale. The venue, had 3 different stages catering to different genres playing simultaneously.

If you fancy music that is relaxing, chill and not that heavy, indie/post-hardcore is perfect for you. Upon arriving to the venue, I went to the indie stage and saw Margosa performing. Margosa is a 5-piece female fronted band which combines chill, alternative pop with a dose of synths/keyboards. The songs that they performed were ‘Jane Doll’, ‘Safe Heaven’ and ‘Kota Cinta’.

The second band that I watched was Patriots. Now, post-hardcore is a toned-down version of metalcore.

To get an idea of what post-hardcore is, bands such as Sleeping with Sirens and Pierce the Veil is a representation of the genre.

Patriots is a 5-piece post-hardcore band comprising Ayeen (vocals), Aiman (guitar), Najmi (guitar), Hakimi (bass) and Faizul (keyboard/vocals).

Having a keyboardist in a band is something unique that adds flavour in a band’s music as it can drive a song to complement with the other instruments.

The band played tracks off their debut extended play ‘Stand Off’ with fan favourites such as ‘Terranova’, ‘Hasut’ and ‘Liberate’ which features guest vocalist David Escamilla (ex- Crown the Empire vocalist/guitarist).

If you’re feeling like Altimet (local rapper) or want to play catch up with syllables, hip hop is for you.

If you’re into heavy music (like me), you have hardcore/metal. Out of the 3 stages, the hardcore/metal stage was definitely buzzing as metalheads and headbangers began to fill the place.

As a fan of heavy and fast music, the thumping riffs, the frenzy guitar work and unclean (screaming to some of you) vocals were music to my ears.

The band that I am fond in the local scene is As Our Throne (formally known as Art of Tears). AOT are a Kuala Lumpur based metalcore band which was formed in 2011. Comprising Fazlur (vocalist), Ezki (guitar), Raja (guitar), Elfian (bass) and Awe (drummer), they combine full on riffage to get the crowd headbanging throughout their set.