Being born without hands did not stop this guy!

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By John Isaac

Sometimes we feel that the world is against us and everything is going downhill in our lives.

Well, for Zhariff Ahmad, life has certainly been an uphill challenge, right from birth.

He was born without hands, but that certainly did not stop him from accomplishing numerous goals.

Apart from establishing himself as a successful motivational speaker, he also managed a triple degree in psychology, sociology and law.

Also, he is a regular runner and has even taken part in a swimathon.

Recently, he scored another milestone when he released his first book, called "SOS - Surfing Out Stuff" - A Book Of Growth & Guidance".

According to him, when he started on the book, he was going through depression and was not sure if he could do it.

He was even rejected from primary school at first, and when he finally got accepted, he struggled to learn how to write with his feet.

"My marriage also failed. I used all these painful experiences to motivate me to write this book," he said.

He said the name of the book actually followed an incident where he took up surfing and when he attempted a nine-foot wave, he ended up slamming his face on the sea.

"At that point, I was left with the choice of either struggling back onto my board or just drowning on the spot.

"Well, I made it and that has since taught me many lessons.

"Even in life, if we put too much weight on the wrong things, we will lose our balance and fall," he said.

He admits that he tried several times to write his book and after numerous attempts, it was finally published.

The 126-page book is divided into two parts - the first taking about his happiest and saddest times and the second, about the lessons he has learnt in life.

Zhariff hopes the book will help inspire others to start believing in themselves and move away from the emptiness we face.

The book is selling for RM39.90 and is available at MPH outlets.