First schoolbags, now uniforms?

Picture from facebook

By John Isaac

I can understand that every politician wants to gain as much political mileage as he or she can.

But, like everything else, there is a limit to this.

As a cardinal rule, school kids should never be dragged into politics, especially at such a tender age.

Just recently, the public, especially parents were outraged when Jeram Assemblyman, Shaid Rosli distributed backpacks with his picture printed on them.

He immediately said there was some kind of mix up and that he had never intended for such a thing to happen.

Fine, maybe you messed up the first time, but to do it again within such a short span of time?

If you want to do something, do it sincerely, not with hidden motives.

His recent act of distributing 10,000 school uniforms within his constituency with his own brand name is certainly stretching it too thin.

What Pakatan Harapan need right now would be a really good, experienced consultant who can advice them on what they should and should not do.

Pushing something down people's throat is certainly not going to win anyone votes - but in fact would probably put them off so much to the extent that they may just not vote for you again.

If you really want to help the less fortunate, then do it quietly and with a sincere heart.

Your good deed will pass on from mouth to mouth and you will be appreciated.

Blowing your own trumpet is certainly not going to augur well with the electorate.

Honestly, I would not want my child, no matter how poor we are to be carrying a bag around with a politician's face on it, let alone wearing a uniform with his name on it.

Give the underprivileged their due respect. Do not treat them like beggars and throw them anything you want.