Sweating and crying - child locked in car under hot sun

Picture from facebook

By Disgusted - Cheras

Does this man even deserve to be a father?

Shoppers at a hypermart in Cheras were shocked to see a child left locked in a car under the hot sun - sweating and crying helplessly!

Even as I write this, I am overwhelmed with anger - how could any parent do something like this??

Luckily, fearing for her safety, passers by quickly alerted a security guard and the management made a public announcement to locate the car owner.

Apparently, the little girl was left locked inside for about 30 minutes.

A man, believed to be the father, then emerged.

Realising there was a crowd waiting to confront him, he rushed into the car and drove off.

Netizens have since expressed outraged and some suggested simply breaking the window if the situation arises again.

Others urged those present to lodge a police report on the matter.

What kind of father is this??!!