Can we accept low wages today?

Students' financial stress is worrying- Pic from Google.

By Nadhirah Sofea Rashid

Despite changes in economic conditions and change in government, one thing has remained a constant for several decades - the low starting salaries of youths.

Youths of today, as with youths of yesterday, have always been bugged with financial difficulties as they just make enough money.

While for some it may just be a matter of lifestyle, others feel employers have always been taking a cautious approach with them - hence the lower salaries.

There just seems to be one mantra for employers - experience, experience, experience! 

So what can a fresh graduate do if everyone keeps insisting on it? 

For now, their options seems limited and they may just feel resigned to low salaries.

Some feel like they are being taken advantage by some irresponsible employers and get paid lower than what they deserve.

Imagine being paid RM1,200 monthly, which is just a tad above the minimum wage.

Besides that, many are worked to the ground as though they are being paid RM3,000.

To be fair, some youths are to be blamed for their situations as they are too picky and selective in finding jobs. 

These youths are often labelled as spoilt as they try to dictate terms, not just to employers but also to their parents.

To overcome the financial pinch, many youths are doing freelance jobs, small businesses and online shops selling dropship items.

On the minimum wage, many youths feel the sum of RM1,050 is out of touch with reality as it did not reflect the high cost of living and economic conditions.

Some have education loans to pay while others have families to support.

Issues like this may spiral out of control for many youths and this is leading some of them to depression and other mental health issues.

It is time the government steps in to make a significant change in policies and not just blame the youths and label them as spoiled or choosy.