Time to let the racism issue rest

Image from Facebook

By M.Isaac

I think it is time we let the beer promoter girl issue rest.

The person responsible has since apologised and it seems like his entire family is being dragged into the issue.

People who want to do stupid things should think of the backlash it would have on their families.

In this case, it was clear that the man was not thinking about his family, especially the ridicule his little child would have to undergo.

It is absolutely unfair for the little girl to face the brunt of all this. As a caring society, we should accept Edi Rejang's apology and move on.

Also, this incident should serve as a good example to others one there who are still racist.

Racism has no room in modern society and we have much more greater and important matters to attend to.

The beer promoter, meanwhile, has to be saluted for her professional attitude.

After all, she did score 7As in her SPM examinations and while waiting to further her studies, probably took up a part-time job.

It would be good if the man responsible could personally apologise to her - after all, she was the one affected.

We should all learn from this. Whenever we do something stupid and it goes viral on social media, our families are the ones who suffer.

Social media is such a powerful weapon and since it's dawn, I have even become afraid to take a piss in back alleys!