No more room for racism here

Picture from facebook

By John Isaac

Despite all the progress achieved, it is sad that many Malaysians still remain racist and do not hesitate to post such remarks on social media.

A good example would be the recent episode where a college student was involved in an accident along the Penang Bridge - causing his SUV to plunge into the sea.

The victim was a Chinese, while the driver of the other car (Toyota Vios) was an Indian.

Apparently, they knew each other and had earlier attended a birthday party on the island and were on their way home when the incident occurred.

We sympathise with the families involved and pray for them.

While search and rescue efforts were ongoing, there were those who took to social media and labelled the driver of the Toyota Vios all kinds of things.

For one, many referred to him as "keling" which is a very derogatory word for the Indians.

To me, there is no reason to resort to such name calling.

If at all he is at fault, then we should let the authorities take the appropriate action.

It is sad that Malaysians are so quick to jump the gun and immediately become the judge and jury.

Unless these elements of racism are ironed out once and for all from society, it is going to remain a major hindrance to progress.

We need to progress as one nation, as Malaysians. There is strength in unity and numbers, not by walking alone.

While most Malaysians have moved away from all forms of racism and are more focused on the greater picture, these lagging few continue to remain a thorn in our side.

There is no more room for such negativity. The doors of globalisaion are wide open and it is time to rise to the challenge and not continue hiding under the shield or racism.