Parents to blame for toddler's accident?

Image from Facebook

By John Isaac

Recently, news of a toddler who fell off his stroller while his parents were pushing it down an escalator caused numerous reactions among netizens.

While most were shocked by the incident and prayed for the toddler's well-being, there were those who were quick to condemn the parents and blame them for the accident.

Many said the parents were lazy and should have waited for the lifts instead of using the escalator.

However, is it right to point fingers solely at the parents?

Ask ourselves, how many times we have opted to use the lifts at shopping malls instead of the escalators or stairs because we were simply too lazy.

Also, have you ever noticed the signs at the escalators that say we must give priority to the less-able and those with strollers?

I doubt many of us noticed these signs and most of us felt it was our right to use the lifts.

From what I know, it is sometimes impossible to get a lift at popular shopping malls during rush hours.

Probably, in this case, the parents waited and decided to give up.

Very often, we see lifts filled with perfectly healthy, young Malaysians who could have easily made room for the more deserving.

It is not right for us to blame the parents for the accident - how many parents would want to see their toddler falling down an escalator?

In all honesty, we are all to blame for the accident.

If only we play our part and follow the guidelines given, such incidents would not be happening.