Wake up PH - now or never

Image from The Star

By John Isaac

So what can one conclude from the Cameron Highlands by-election results?

Do we blame the Pakatan Harapan candidate, the machinery, the voter turnout or face the reality of things?

Unfortunately, the reality of things is that PH has simply gotten too arrogant and too big for their shoes.

Also, the numerous flip-flops and unpopular decisions have sent waves among voters who decided it was time to teach them a lesson.

Some of the PH ministers were just putting their foot in their mouth far too many times, and sadly their turnarounds were far from convincing.

This could be due to numerous reasons. For one, they are simply too inexperienced, secondly, they lacked experienced advisers and lastly, and most glaringly, they thought they were invincible.

They quickly forgot that the electorate was not what it was - we are now a knowledgeable, well informed electorate who is simply not afraid of making changes.

In fact when we booted the BN out in the last general election, we sent a clear and precise message to PH - that we will not hesitate to do it again if you guys mess up.

Well, looks like it is time to get back to the drawing board and take a good, long look at what went wrong.

Stop the arrogance and flip-flopping and for God's sake, get some credible advisers who know when, where and what to say.

It is still not too late to start pulling up your socks and humbling yourselves, but if you keep this up, it looks like history may repeat itself.

Let the Cameron Highlands result be a good eye-opener and lesson.

Learn from it and tie up all loose ends and start winning the confidence of the electorate once again - it is clearly bruised, but not irreparable.