Good move by Socso to work with MACC

Datuk Seri Dr Mohammed Azman Aziz Mohammed

By John Isaac

It is certainly a move in the right direction for the Social Security Organisation (Socso) to take action against fraudulent claims or any other abuse of benefits.

Most of us are contributors and the last thing we want are fraudsters taking advantage of these benefits.

I know many who have genuinely benefited from making Socso claims and thought at first I was reluctant to make contributions, now see the importance of doing so.

Socso's chief executive Datuk Seri Dr Mohammed Azman Aziz Mohammed said, Socso was working closely with the police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to investigate any suspicious cases.

He said Socso viewed any false claims as a serious offence as it not only involved fraud but was unfair to other contributors.

"In its mission to provide the best social security protection to employees and their dependants, Socso continuously monitors all claims for fraudulent elements.

"Each claim for benefits will be processed in accordance with the provisions and conditions stipulated under the laws enforced by Socso," he said.

There were apparently about 159 suspected cases of various forms of fraud in 2018.

"Of the total, 100 cases have been investigated and closed, six cases are still under investigation and 53 are new cases.

"This year, Socso will be more aggressive in combating fraud involving claims," said Mohammed Azman, adding that he expected more people to be charged in court this year for this.

"We would like to remind the public with information related to fraudulent claims or have been victims of middlemen in claiming Socso benefits, to come forward with information so that the fraudulent activities can be eradicated and legal action can be taken against the perpetrators," he added.

According to reports in The Star, Mohammed Azman said Socso services are provided free of charge and there was no need to engage a third party when submitting claims.

"As an organisation that administers a social security fund comprising mandatory contributions from employees and employers, Socso manages the fund with highest integrity and good governance," he said.