How did Najib become a social media favourite?

Image from Facebook

By John Isaac

One cannot admit that in the recent months, our former premier, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak has been making quite a bit of headway on social media.

He has been making all the right moves and saying all the right things, drawing lots of likes and favourable comments from the public.

There are several conclusions one can draw from this.

Firstly, looks like we have to admit at this point that Malaysians are very quick to forget.

Suddenly, the very same man who brought the nation to the brink of bankruptcy and who allegedly stole billions from us has become so likable and a social media favourite.

How come we have forgotten so fast all the negative things Najib and his wife allegedly did to the country?

Is it part of our culture to forgive and forget so easily?

Secondly, one must remember that rarely does any minister or politician plan his social media strategy - he merely does what is told by his team of strategists.

Considering this, it can be concluded that Najib booted out his entire team of advisers before this and got a really good team this time.

All his actions, statements etc are all strategically planned and timed, thus making him look really good on social media platforms.

After all, we all know Najib has the money to buy the best brains in the industry.

This is one aspect where Pakatan Harapan leaders are sorely lacking.

Some of them seem to think they know too much on their own and their failure to equip themselves with a good team of advisers has left them so vulnerable.

From the day they took office, some of their Ministers have constantly been putting their foot in their mouth and yes, some are overly arrogant.

Politics is like a game of chess - the right strategies with the right moves will bring you the success you want.

If the king in a game of chess was to defend himself, he would surely lose, but with strong advice and backing from the rest of his team, he is poised for victory.

Social media has since become the most powerful platform for almost anything - it can make or break a person within hours.

If PH does not recognise this by now and begin investing in making their social media image more appeasing, then I guess it's time for many of them to start looking for other jobs.