Pet hotel for your scorpions and Tarantulas

Image from Facebook

By John Isaac

For those of you with pet scorpions, Tarantulas and pythons - here's some good news.

There is a pet hotel for your exotic pet, right here in Kuala Lumpur operated by a woman, Suraya Abdullah, 43, specialising in such pets.

“We have to be careful when feeding the scorpions, especially when opening the aquarium. I use a long pair of pincers to place the mealworms or crickets in the aquarium,” said Suraya, who is also the education coordinator at the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park.

“There are many pet shops out there but only a few offer to take care of exotic pets such as scorpions, snakes, peacocks and such.

“So, I decided to address the problem although it is more difficult to handle such pets compared to a cat or a rabbit,” she told Bernama.

Suraya said almost 300 people have sent their exotic pets to be cared for at her outfit in Cheras.

She admitted that she and several of her 20 staff have been bitten several times by these animals.

Suraya said the exotic animals would usually grow fond of their owners.

Her outfit provides a pet sitting service as well for dangerous or licensed pets where an experienced employee is sent to the owner's home to take care of the pet.

Compared to a scorpion, a python is easier to care for, she said.

“For example, if the owner of a python is going away for a week, one only has to feed the snake five chicks or ducklings and it will rest and be inactive for that period,” she said.

Suraya said her outfit also takes care of more regular pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits, sugar gliders, tortoises and marmots.

Her clients, who comprise Malaysians and foreigners, sometimes leave their pets with her for up to a month, she said.