Local drink founder calls Syed Saddiq 'babi'

A youth entreprenuer claimed that Syed Saddiq failed to fulfill his promise - Pix from The Coverage

By Nadhirah Sofea Rashid

Syed Saddiq seems to be hitting the headlines frequently but some are for all the wrong reasons.

This time, a local youth entrepreneur of a drink called Hausboom accused the Youth and Sports Minister of cheating after he failed to promote the drink as promised. 

Azri Zahier Azmi said he was cheated by the Muar MP as he had promised to promote the drink during a Cabinet meeting but failed to do so.

It looks like Azri took offence after Syed Saddiq promoted another local brand called Absolut Chocolat but failed to do so with his drink. 

Azri ranted that Syed Saddiq was only promoting his own crony products as the founder of Absolut Chocolat was PPBM Youth exco member Ben Ali. 

He claimed that Syed Saddiq failed to fulfill his promise made four months ago.

Azri also claimed that another young local entrepreneur also suffered the same fate as him despite a similar promise by Syed Saddiq.

However it looks like it has backfired on Azri now after his latest posting that attacked Syed Saddiq. 


Here's the full post:

After facing the backlash, Azri put up another post apologising for his crude usage of the word 'babi' towards Syed Saddiq.

However, Azri remained defensive and said his disappointment was over the unfulfilled promises and hope given to not only him but many others too. 

The PPBM Youth chief then replied that he did not only bring Hausboom products into Cabinet meetings but also met business mogul Tan Sri Vincent Tan to have the product available in 7-Eleven stores. Vincent Tan’s daughter has since confirmed it via an Instagram story.

Syed Saddiq also expressed his disappointment with Azri's accusation. 

"I am not a person to rant out like this but i am truly disappointed. Banyak yang kata ini taktik untuk promosikan jualan dia & that i should not respond sebab itu yang dia mahukan.

"To be honest, if it helps him, alhamdulillah. But my disappointment stands. Saya akan sentiasa doakan supaya produk dia berjaya," Syed Saddiq wrote. 

Full post can be view here: Syed Saddiq Facebook

Some people are saying that this is just a marketing ploy but nevertheless, it is never ok to call someone 'babi'.

Youth Connect hope that this issue will be solved with professionalism.