Corruption and higher profits to blame for road fatalities?

Picture from Berita Harian

By John Isaac

Very often when we read of a fatal accident, we find that it involved a lorry which went out of control.

In the most recent incident, an entire family of four perished when a lorry, which again went out of control and veered directly into their path on the opposite lane.

From my understanding, a vehicle can go out of control for a host of reasons.

For one, it could be due to faulty, brakes, a burst tyre, an untrained driver or because the driver fell asleep.

These incidents most often result in the occupants of the other vehicle being crushed to death by the lorry.

Based on what we have personally witnessed, a number of these drivers are  foreigners, which we wonder whether they are legal and licensed to be on the road at all.

Handling a lorry, let alone, an 18-wheeler, requires skill and training and a foreigner who just entered the country should not be allowed behind the wheel.

It is all about making the highest profits and I guess, this is at the expense of the lives of other road users.

Cutting costs and making as many runs as possible are all part of the game.

Thus, cutting back on the cost of employing an experienced driver, compromising on quality tyres and brake pads are nothing new in the industry.

On the part of the drivers, making as many runs as possible, means more money.

Unfortunately, it also means less rest time and a tired and sleepy driver behind the wheel.

Basically, these lorries are all mobile time-bombs and all the other vehicles are pawns risking their lives on the roads.

Things like these were allowed to flourish mainly due to the high levels of corruption in certain enforcement agencies.

These agencies turned a blind eye to faulty brakes and retreaded tyres, allowing these lorries on the roads.

It is really time the MACC conduct a major crackdown on these enforcement agencies and weed out all the bad hats once and for one.

Having corruption control the minds of these personnel is certainly a death wish - as they are responsible for allowing unsafe vehicles and inexperienced drivers out on our roads.

Innocent lives are lost each day due to the greed of certain lorry operators and corrupt personnel.

Efforts need to be intensified to put an end to these growing statistics and make the roads safer for all.