Minimum entry requirement needed for politicians?

Image from NST

By John Isaac

I recall several years back when a poster comparing the qualifications of our then Cabinet ministers against their Singaporean counterparts went viral on social media.

While some felt that one did not need academic qualifications to be a politician, most schools of thought felt otherwise.

Political analysts then felt a politician must have a certain level of qualification if he is to hold positions in the government.

Having passed SPM alone was insufficient and most were of the opinion that a politician should at least have a degree before he can hold any government position.

This issue has surfaced once again following the controversy surrounding current Deputy Foreign Minister, Datuk Marzuki Yahya and his alleged degree in business administration.

It is no secret these days how easily one can purchase a degree or even a PhD.

In fact, I recently met a car salesman who had a Drs title in front of his name. This was an absolute joke considering the person concerned could not even speak proper English.

Following the Marzuki incident, there have been discussions whether politicians should have a minimum education level before they are allowed to contest.

After all, the rakyat surely want to be governed by a capable and credible government and not one without degrees or with fake ones.

Perhaps it is time political parties began imposing a minimum entry requirement so we don't have politicians with a mere primary education walking around.

After all, there are minimum entry requirements for all other professions, so why not for politics?

Back then, the Singaporean Ministers clearly overshadowed ours with their flowery trail of degrees and other qualifications.

We, as Malaysians also want to be proud and able to brag about our Ministers, just like how we are so proud to have two doctors as our premier and deputy premier!