Yikes! Girl breaks up with guy over ang pau

The amount of ang pau should never be questioned. - Pix from ET Today

By Huzraifah Atikah

Whenever we hear the word Chinese New Year, one of the first thing that crosses our mind is how much ang pau we will be getting this year. 

It is a Chinese tradition for married couples to give ang pau to their parents, relatives and also close friends.

However, it is not compulsory for unmarried couples to give ang pau to anyone.  

In a recent viral story, a Taiwanese guy shared his experience of getting dumped by his girlfriend of two months because he did not prepare a ‘good’ amount to give to the girl’s parents.

He shared several screenshots of their conversation online:  

According to ET Today news portal, at the beginning of the conversation, the girl reminded him of meeting her parents on Feb 4 and asked whether he remembered to prepare ang pau for them. 

He replied that he remembered. She then asked him how much did he put inside the red packet. 

He replied: “3,600 TWD (RM474) each.” 

It means, in total he will be giving around RM950.

However, to his surprise, his girlfriend was not satisfied with the amount. She gave him a speechless emoji and said: 

“This is Chinese New Year, you’re not going to a wedding dinner! Don’t you think that this amount is too little? I hope that you will be sincere with my family. There will be lots of relatives coming over to my house to visit, you should give my parents some face. It will also help us in the future.”

The clueless guy then asked how much he should give to her parents.

She said he should give at least an amount of 6,600 TWD (RM876) each as it would be much better.

This led to an argument as the man tried to reason with her about their finances. He then said she didn’t even save any money every month and spent it like water.  

She then asked him again, “Do you really think that giving my parents 3,600 TWD (RM478) each is enough?” 

In the end, the girl said they should break up.

At this point, the frustrated guy just responds by saying:

“It’s fine. It looks like our values in life are too different. If this continues then both of us would not be happy either. I hope you would find someone who will suit you better.”

Netizens agreed that he should just leave the girl.

Some of the comments:

“3600 TWD (RM474) is very good, you guys are not even married yet.” 

“Is she crazy? Call her and say if you prepare the same amount for my parents then I will prepare the same amount too.”

“Only 2 months of relationship already demand that much."