RM114 for three bowls of Musang King cendol okay?

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By John Isaac

Recently, there was plenty of debate on social media about a popular cendol seller in Malacca charging customers RM114 for three bowls of cendol Musang King.

According to netizens, the price was actually reasonable considering a Musang King fruit can cost up to RM36 per kg.

Also, netizens said the seller had displayed his prices openly and it was up to the customer to decide.

On the other hand, some felt the seller was being greedy and the price was pretty exorbitant.

"The seller should at least alert customers of the steep prices though he has displayed them.

"Nobody would expect a bowl of cendol to cost that much," said a netizen.

Do you guys think this is ridiculous considering the price of Musang King or was the seller being greedy?