RM4 million for a humanitarian mission?

Image from The Star

By John Isaac

Netizens are upset following a request by national solo runner, Honorary Major Dr Suwaibah Muhammad Nasir for RM4 million to embark on a "humanitarian" journey.

Apparently, her journey is to conquer 30 of the world's tallest towers,

To do this, she claims she need USD1 million to cover her costs of accommodation, airline tickets, visa applications and other costs to complete her mission.

According to reports, she has since received several sponsorships to cover her flight tickets and accommodation for her mission which would cover 14 countries.

She claimed she would be able to cover four towers a month, subject to approval from the relevant authorities.

However, several individuals have questioned her need for such a huge budget.

"What kind of humanitarian mission is this that is worth RM4 million? It would be better for the money to be contributed towards the development of the country," said an individual who said he has been on a cycling journey around the world and his budget has not exceeded RM6,000.

He advised Dr Suwaibah to go on the trip within her means and be moderate in terms of lodging, food and airfare.

Another person questioned why she needed such a huge amount to achieve her mission and that it would be best if the sponsorship comes from the private sector as funds from the government would better be given to national athletes or into developing the country.