Woman on wheelchair not allowed into chocolate shop

Image from Facebook

By John Isaac

This chocolate shop in Batu Kawan better give it's employees a proper lesson in dealing with customer - OKU or not!

Netizens are outraged, and with good reason too.

Staff at this particular outlet apparently said a disabled woman was not allowed to enter because her wheelchair would damage the mosaic flooring in the shop.

According to Facebook user, Rozita Othman, she took her sister-in-law who's a wheelchair user out shopping recently.

As they were about to enter the shop, a worker at the store stopped them and said that their mosaic would be damaged due to the nature of the wheelchair.

Apparently, this was not the first time the incident had happened.

On the company’s official Facebook page, a person had submitted a review that in December last year, a stroller was not allowed to enter the premise.

She also said that there were no warning signs posted outside the outlet to remind people not to enter with stroller.

The New Straits Times contacted the outlet and a spokesperson denied such rulings.

“This might have been a mistake from our new staff. They might not be aware of it. We do not have such rulings.

“We apologise on behalf of our staff. Anyone with stroller or wheelchair can enter without any problems,” said the spokesperson.