Why was this little child killed this way?

Image from Facebook

By John Isaac

Horrific, tragic, painful, shocking and sad ... these are among possible words which could be used to describe the death of 11-year-old Siti Masyitah Ibrahim.

The little girl has been missing since Jan 30 and recently, villagers found her body in Kampung Tanjung Medang Hilir in Pekan - decapitated and with internal organs removed.

The victim had left home that fateful day after she asked her mother for RM1 to get something from the shop, promising to be home soon.

This gruesome murder has shocked the nation, raising numerous questions.

Was her murder some kind of ritual killing, organ theft or just the work of some crazed murderer?

Whatever the reason, our prayers go out to the victim who certainly did not deserve such pain and torture.

Who do we blame? The system? The level of corruption? The influx of foreigners? The internet?

For most, no place is safer than a village where most villagers know each other and can identify a stranger as soon as he or she enters the area.

Was this the work of someone known to the victim and her family then?

As a Malaysian, I am sure a majority would agree that we are not used to hearing of such horrific crimes taking place in our country.

Siti's death is certainly a bitter, painful pill to swallow and it is everyone's hope that those responsible are nabbed soon.

Everyone wants answers to her death and also the peace of mind to know that the heartless person or people responsible are behind bars.

At this point, all we can do is pray for her family and loved ones and know that this little girl is now safely in the arms of God.

Rest well, dear Siti.