Woman spotted abusing her pet dog on Broga Hills

The woman grabbed the dog by the neck and placed the dog inside a backpack - Pix from Facebook

By Nadhirah Sofea Rashid

There's has been plenty of news about people abusing their dogs these days. 

Dogs being poisoned, a dog being dragged behind a pickup truck and many other cases.

Why would people want to hurt this cute creature?

Earlier this week, viral on Facebook were photos of a woman who brought her pet dog on a hike at Broga Hill.

The photos went viral after a Facebook user, Dennis Raj David posted them in a Facebook group called Hiking & Camping Around Malaysia.

The post claimed the woman in the photos was seen kicking and mishandling her pet dog to make it run up the steep parts of Broga Hill.

"We decided to hike Broga today and while hiking we bumped into this lady who took her dog along but when it came to the hills, she kinda kicked her dog mildly to make it run up the steep parts," he wrote. 

Dennis then wrote that he met the woman again at the first peak of the hill where she placed her dog in a dangerous position for the sake of a photo.

"We bumped into her again at the first peak, and this time she started displaying her dog and taking pictures but she started placing the dog in dangerous position where a little slip and that's the end for the dog," he added. 

The abuse does not stop just there as she then spotted grabbing the dog by the neck and placing it into a backpack. 

Why would someone do something like that to this poor creature?

"She also kinda mishandled the dog, grabbing it by the neck to carry and putting it in a backpack and closing it," he tells.

Dennis urged all pet owners to be responsible and treat their animals with kindness. 

"Dear pet owners, If you are keen to take your pet along for a hike, first make sure the pet is allowed at the location then later please look out for your pet's safety. It is absolutely insane to put your pet in danger for the sake of a photo. Be a responsible pet owner and hiker," he wrote. 

Wherever you want to bring your pet, make sure it is save for the pet ... be responsible and love your pet!