Father of drowned boy seeks answers

Image from The Star

By John Isaac

The Education Ministry must step in and ensure a thorough investigation is conducted into the senseless death of Nicholas Chong Zhen-Yi, the student who died during his school's swimming lesson.

Numerous questions were posed by the father of the boy soon after he buried his only son.

Chong Kam Fei, 49, told the media that he wants to know exactly what led to the death of his 14-year-old boy.

For one, why was the school using a 5m public pool when it was clear that a number of the students could not even swim.

Secondly, where were the instructors or lifeguards at that time?

Apparently, when the students shouted for help, the instructor was at another pool and not where the children were.

Are schools allowed to take their children out to public pools for lessons in the first place?

It does not make any sense at all why a swimming lesson was being conducted in a professional 5m pool.

The chances of someone drowning in a 5m pool are great, especially since there was no lifeguard around.

This is totally uncalled for and a truly senseless death - all due to the carelessness of some people.

A father trusted the school and sent his only son to study there and this is what happened.

Though a thorough investigation will not bring the boy back, it will at least help prevent similar cases in future.