#JanganBayarChallenge promotes crime - Netizens

#JanganBayarChallenge is a new social media challenge where people are not supposed to pay for something they bought

By Nadhirah Sofea Rashid

It is true that some social media challenges are fun.

But then there are some that can be bad too such as the #BirdBoxChallenge, where some ran too near to cars on roads while others even accidentally caused their kids to run into the walls.

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The latest challenge is called #JanganBayarChallenge or #DontPayChallenge and it has received a backlash from netizens.

It all started when a local social media influencer, Zairul Griezmann uploaded a video of him and some friends not paying for the food they consumed and items they were supposed to pay for.

This happens after someone says 'Jangan bayar' and the person who is supposed to pay needs to leave the payment counter without paying and leaving the cashier confused. 

Their challenge has sparked a debate on social media.

A netizen said people should see the challenge as entertainment. 

While to others, the challenge is seen as creating more harm as it can be a bad influence to others. 

Other netizens too condemned the challenge as it could be encouraging some to take advantage of it.

Following the backlash, the influencer said that the video was an act and that he had already paid for the items before filming. 

"We only made the video because we thought it would be entertaining for my followers.

"We already made an agreement with those involved in the video. They are all my friends. We already paid for our items before filming. We asked for their (the staff) permission before going ahead with the video.

"I guess a lot of people genuinely thought we didn’t pay since the video showed us walking away. It’s our fault as well for not clarifying what really happened.

"We apologise and take all the comments as something positive. We all make mistakes and while we cannot turn back the clock, I suppose we will make videos that are better suited to society here."

Nevertheless, such challenges should not be done in the first place. With a lot of followers, a social media influencer may actually make someone try the challenge for real!