Please guys, enough of this nonsense

Image from Sinar Harian

By John Isaac

Politicians must think Malaysians are fools who will believe just about anything thrown at them.

Just look at the recent spate of dramas by certain politicians.

First, our former prime minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak decides to pose with an empty shopping cart and how he cannot fill it with RM50.

As far as I know, we were certainly not able to fill any shopping cart with RM50 during his time either - in fact we even found it hard to fill our tummies back then.

This publicity stunt certainly backfired on him when pictures of another loaded shopping cart belonging to him soon found its way to social media.

Soon after this, we had our Youth and Sports Minister, Syed Saddiq staging a drama of his own during nomination day for the Semenyih by-election.

Why would anyone in the right mind walk into a lion's lair? 

Well, this was clearly what Syed Saddiq did and based on social media comments, many felt he did it deliberately.

Whether it was a cheap publicity stunt or not is anyone's guess.

This young chap should take some serious lessons from his more seasoned colleagues.

And today, to add more icing, Papagomo (Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris), an Umno Youth exco member is lodging another report.

He is lodging a report against Syed Saddiq for allegedly causing him distress over claims that he had assaulted the Bersatu Youth chief.

And this is the best part - Syed Saddiq had earlier claimed that Papagomo had placed him in a headlock, while Papagomo claims it was nothing but a hug!

Seriously guys, give us citizens a break. We have had enough of this nonsense.

People are still homeless, jobless, children are still suffering, crime rates are still high and the list goes on.

There are still countless number of things which need to be addressed and politicians should be focusing on that.

The reason you actually become politicians is to do your part to make this nation better - not to make money and do and say senseless things.

Please try learning a thing or two from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad - a real politician - one that is firm, unshakable, intelligent and with vision.

If the public wanted more clowns, we could have just gone to the circus.