Was the clash politically motivated?

Image from Facebook

The recent commotion that happened in early today at Seafield temple appears to have a hidden agenda.

The issues revolving is a struggle between the previous temple committee and the current temple committee with the Developer.

The fact that Malay youngsters who appears on drugs coming in at dawn to break the temple appears to be premeditated as it does not involve the Malay community at all.

The Facebook recordings appears to target the PH leaders even at such dire straits moment as oppose contacting the police force. Further earlier in the night, the temple guys namely Elangovan, Ramaji, MIC T Mohan & V.K. reghu have been sending voice records that they have inside information that the developer's people are coming. If so why did not make any police report?

I believe there is already a stay application pending in the court against the vacant possession which is yet to be determined.

Under the above circumstances, I believe it is best to await for the police investigation on the incident and urge all to stay calm.

Similarly a cafe in Ipoh was destroyed by some Malay mobs last night.

Concerned Citizen