Man walks into school toilet, masturbates on girl's uniform

Image from Facebook

By John Isaac

This is a serious issue which the relevant authorities need to address immediately.

How was security at a school so easily breached and wow did such a horrible thing happen - at a school and in broad daylight?

Shockingly, on Feb 13, a man coolly walks into a primary school in Klang totally unnoticed and then masturbates in front of a schoolgirl.

According to police, the 24-year-old suspect walked into the school, then barged into one of the toilets where the victim was.

There, he dropped his pants and masturbated, ejaculating on the victim's clothes and floor.

And the man even cleaned up the floor before fleeing.

The victim is believed to have then alerted her teacher who then lodged a report.

The suspect has since been detained. However, the question still remains as to how this man could easily walk into a school.

Anything could have happened to that little girl that day - she could have been raped and even murdered.

This is not a matter to be taken lightly and the relevant authorities need to seriously look into this immediately.