So what happened to the millions ... again?

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By John Isaac

JobsMalaysia 2.0 - meant to be a major source for jobseekers to be connected with the latest jobs based on their skills has been a major flop and a waste of taxpayer's money.

According to sources in the Human Resources Ministry, the portal recently went through a major RM24.5 million make-over has sadly not met it's target and their job-matching criteria has been said to be very poor.

To date, the app has only been rated a poor 2.3 and has just about 10,000 downloads.

The comments section is filled with negative reviews.

The source revealed that some officials from the Ministry of Human Resources led by Minister M Kula Segaran had identified the problem and highlighted it to the Labour Department

Kula Segaran said experts from India would have been able to revamp the portal for a fraction of the amount spent.

Audits into the RM24.5 million are still ongoing, but initial findings point towards a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.

To save JobsMalaysia, the ministry recommended it be taken over by capable hands that would be able to implement the latest technology, algorithms and job matching capabilities to match portals like JobStreet, at no further cost to the government.

That decision, the source revealed, caused a stir in the Ministry among some government officers, with many trying to put a stop to the Minister’s plans and force the portal to remain with JTK. 

The Minister must come out and reveal this to the public and also what is the future of JobsMalaysia - taxpayers have a right to know.

It was also revealed a high-ranking meeting between a senior official in the Ministry and the Chief Secretary to the Government took place at the JobsMalaysia centre in Cyberjaya recently, without the knowledge of the Minister and his officers.