Yet another two statues found at surau

Picture from Utusan Malaysia

By John Isaac

It is pretty obvious that some unscrupulous person is trying to stir up unnecessary sentiments and create trouble among the people.

In yet another incident, residents in Taman Pendamar Indah in Port Klang were shocked to find yet another two statues left on the right and left walls of a surau.

The statues were found at the Surau Sabilul Huda, soon after a similar incident occurred last Wednesday.

Housewife, Hasanah Ibrahim, 64, said she and three others discovered the statues when they went to the surau to pray.

They then informed the surau committee who then contacted the police.

Police said they had since received a report and were investigating.

Following the first incident, Home Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had asked the Inspector-General of Police to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident.

Hope the cops are able to nab those responsible soon.