Firemen help guide stranded dolphin back into deeper waters

Image from The Star

By John Isaac

Once again our local firemen went beyond the call of duty - this time to rescue a beached dolphin.

The dolphin was spotted beached near the shore of Bahzong at the Tawau Plaza in Kota Kinabalu and the Fire and Rescue Services Department was alerted.

It was spotted struggling in the shallow waters along the beach about noon yesterday.

Firemen were soon dispatched to the scene after being notified at 12.05pm.

Along with help from others, firemen helped guide the 1.75 metre long dolphin back into deeper waters.

The dolphin managed to get back into the open sea and the authorities were still monitoring to ensure it does not return and get stranded again.

Well done to our firemen and all those who assisted in getting the dolphin back into the sea.