College student claims she was harassed and molested by lecturer

Image from Facebook

By Norman Tan

A female student from a leading private college in Petaling Jaya recently took to social media to highlight an incident which took place some time ago.

She claimed she had been hesitant to highlight the incident all this while as it may affect her grades.

In her post, she claimed that a male lecturer had sexually harassed her and even molested her when she was alone with him in a classroom.

She said she had lodged a complain with the college concerned, but in turn, the administration had allegedly threatened to sue for spreading "fake news".

Soon after her complain, the lecturer concerned also confronted her and threatened to fail her if she proceeded to lodge a police report.

What is most shocking is he told her, "your body is for men's enjoyment only ... deal with it".

This student should take this matter to the police without fear and make sure this lecturer does not continue to harass other students in future.