Disabled girl raped more than 200 times by father and brothers

AG, 18-year-old mentally disabled girl was raped countless times by her family members

By Huzraifah Atikah

Incest is rarely talked about because the topic is still considered taboo by many.

However, it is undeniably a problem that is happening in many parts of the world. 

It happens most to underaged children especially girls. 

Recently, a mentally disabled girl simply known as AG was reportedly raped by her own father and two brothers at their home in Sukoharjo, Indonesia.

According to news reports, the 18-year-old girl’s neighbours was suspicious that she was being abused due to her deteriorating appearance.

AG's mother had passed away several years ago. 

Police investigations revealed that AG was being abused by her father identified as JM, 45. He admitted to raping her at least five times. 

JM said he was fully aware that he was raping his own daughter and that he took advantage of her disability.

Investigations also revealed that AG’s brothers identified as SA,24, and YF,15, also admitted to raping her countless times. 

AS said he raped AG probably over 120 times while YF on the other hand raped her about 60 times. 

This means she had been raped by them more than 200times!

The brothers also said they acted on their lust because both of them frequently watched porn on their phones. 

They even admitted to forcing their sister to watch it with them on several occasions. 

YF also admitted to the police that he recently had sex with a cow and a goat owned by neighbours. 

Police is now having the teenager’s mental health condition evaluated.

They face up to 15 years in jail for the crime.

YF, who’s still underaged, will be tried in a juvenile court and will be the first to go on trial.

Meanwhile, AG is now living at a relative’s home and reportedly recovering from the trauma.

“It is sad that the helpless girl was taken advantage of by her own father to unleash his sexual desires,” said the Head of the Tanggamus Police’s Women and Children Protection Unit.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Indonesia was shocked with such a case and there may be many more victims suffering in silence.

According to the Indonesian Commission on Violence Against Women, over 348,000 cases of violence against women were reported in 2017. More than 1,000 of them were incestuous rape cases.

May girls like AG get justice soon.