NSV: Back at it again

NSV made a comeback after 6 months!

By The Wolf

Malaysia's pop punkers 'Night Skies & Visions' rocked their very own comeback show, aptly titled 'NSV Comeback Show', after a hiatus of 6 months.

A return to the stage with a new line-up, a new direction as well as a brand new single (yet to be officially released; at the time of writing).

Things can never be better with the band and their comeback show was held on the Jan 20 @ Gudang Noisy.

The 4-piece female fronted pop punk band led by Celyn (vocalist), Adam (guitar), Vicky (bass) and Dini (drums) combines upbeat, happy guitars with infectious drumming that will want to make you dance the night away. 

You can't forget the charisma that Celyn has as she encourages the crowd to dance during their shows.

Also, worth mentioning is that their comeback show was Vicky's debut performance with the band after joining NSV late last year.

In true Malaysian fashion, their set started at 11.15pm (they were supposed to start at 10.30, what with technical difficulties and ongoing soundcheck).

Their performance started with 'Surrender' (off their EP, 'This Wild Ride') which turned up the crowd. This was followed by the title track itself 'This Wild Ride' and with its infectious chorus, it's hard to not sing the lyrics back.

'Mess' was next, which is a fairly mid-tempo track but NSV turned up the notch with a heavy rendition of Kick Me (originally by Sleeping with Sirens).

They closed the set with an anthemic cover of 'Fxxx You and All Your Friends' (originally by Falling in Reverse).

I enjoyed both covers as they came in heavy (talking about making a comeback, they certainly did it!).

Coming from a person who doesn't listen to Sleeping with Sirens (whiny and nasal vocals being the main reason), I might consider listening to the original done by SWS themselves.

The band's heavy cover of both Kick Me and Fxxx You was without a doubt, the highlight of the night.

With a circle pit and the crowd doing two step hardcore dancing, in the middle of the pit and coupled with your dose of uncleans and breakdowns, it certainly has my 'heavy approved mark'.

The night ended with their new single 'Contempt'. Remember when I said that NSV is somewhat leaning to a new direction? This is the 'direction' I was talking about.

Their EP 'This Wild Ride' was pop punk thoroughly but if 'Contempt' is the direction that they're experimenting for their future releases, I am excited what will the future hold for the band, musically.

Spoiler alert: There's uncleans in 'Contempt'; pop punk with a dose of uncleans? I'm down with that!

With 2019 off to a good start for the band, expect an album or an EP to be released by them sometime this year!