Kids Youtube videos glorifying suicide!

Youtube video is teaching children how to kill themselves

By Huzraifah Atikah

In the past, parents only had to worry about children’s safety when going out but now parents also need to be worried about their child’s safety at home especially when surfing the internet.

Parents who allowed their children to play with tablets and phones daily, need to be alert and ensure they are safe online.   

To do so, parents need to keep an eye and control which content and applications are accessible for the children. This is so that no inappropriate contents can be accessed by them. 

Although it may not be easy for parents to monitor all their online activities, it is still crucial to do so.

Parents need to know that not everything is safe online. Recently, the mother of a small boy was shocked to see a video on Youtube Kids app that taught children how to kill themselves.

The mother wrote about her experience in a moms’ blog called PediMom, saying she was using Youtube Kids to distract her son while he was being treated for a nosebleed. 

“We were sitting on the floor of the bathroom, watching YouTube Kids to distract him from the bleed, when I saw it. It was a simple, innocent cartoon until it happened.

“Four minutes and 45 seconds into the video. A man wearing sunglasses quickly walked in, held his arm out, and tracing his forearm, said kids, remember, cut sideways for attention and longways for results, end it."

She was totally shocked and thought she was seeing it wrong. 

She later checked the video again to confirm what she saw.

"I know YouTube had some sick videos but I thought YouTube Kids was safe,” she said. 

The clip had since been taken down after the PediMom community reported it.

The founder of the youth suicide prevention group Dr Greg Hudnall said it was a serious issue. He said the youngest attempted suicide on record was a kindergarten kid.

Meanwhile, Florida paediatrician Dr Free Hess posted on PediMom, alerting parents of other videos she found on YouTube Kids that appeared to promote suicide.

You can check out the videos here

Let’s keep children safe from these online dangers.