Countless reasons why Semenyih voters should reject BN

Image from Utusan Malaysia

By John Isaac

Honestly, I did not really know how to react when I read a letter in a news portal recently about four reasons why Semenyih voters should reject Harapan on March 2.

As far as I am concerned, the list of reasons why Barisan Nasional should never have existed at all could take me years to compile.

Perhaps the rich and those living off BN kickbacks were doing fine, but certainly not all walks.

As far as middle income earners like me are concerned, we were hardly even able to provide our families with two decent meals during the BN rule.

We even had to bribe people to use public toilets!

Corruption was everywhere ... it had seeped into every nook and crook of the nation that even foreigners entering our country illegally knew how to get their way using "undertable money".

It was horrendous. Abuse of power and corruption were rampant.

People were literally getting away with murder just because they had the right connections.

Illegals were pouring in faster that bees to honey. Crime rates were soaring, poverty was rampant and people were losing jobs left, right and centre.

At the time PH drew up their manifesto, never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined that the damage done by Jibby and his gang were this extreme.

Based on their assumptions, they probably figured they could clean up the mess fast and get on with nation-building.

However, when the PH administration finally took over, they realised that the damage was beyond their expectations and it would take them much more time than expected to clean up the mess.

Seriously, what is 11 months in power compared to more than 60 years of damage?

On racial and religious issues, nobody can deny how Umno and PAS had for years manipulated this to their advantage.

Whenever the going gets tough, what other better refuge than to hide behind race and religion.

For many Malaysians, that was the sore point and Umno, PAS manipulated this to the maximum.

Sadly, many do not seem to see the bigger picture as far as Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's move in accepting certain members into the fold.

Dr Mahathir is a master strategist and nobody comes near to his ability.

By accepting more members into the fold, he is making sure he kills off the enemy totally before he hands over power.

He wants to make it clean and leave no room for any resurrection.

That would be the plain and simple explanation as to why he has opened the doors to Umno members.

And as to why PH keeps harping on Najib, well, just look at the mess he and his Mrs have created.

Besides, this is very subjective. Not all of us see PH leaders harping on Najib.

In fact, it seems just the opposite ... Jibby is the one showing up all over the place and shooting off his mouth.

I just wonder how much more of our hard earned money he spent on his new image branding and social media team.

The list as to the damage done by Jibby and gang can go on and like mentioned above, how can we gauge something based on 11 months compared to the years BN has ruled?

Voter should be fair and let common sense prevail.

Don't be taken by heavily funded media campaigns, coupled with lies and rumours stirred by BN troopers.

Believe me, when the funding dries up, so will the so-called loyalty of these BN henchmen.