Malaysian in the UK who claims he is gay risks being deported

Image from The Mirror

By John Isaac

A pensioner from Malaysia, who claims he is gay risks being deported back from The United Kingdom because he has no boyfriend to prove his sexual orientation.

Despite being active in the LGBT community in Liverpool, immigration officials claim the Yew Fook Sam, 67, a father-of-two lied about his sexuality to stay in the UK, highlighting his current single status as 'proof'. 

"I was so disappointed and depressed after being told that I was not gay. How can I prove it?

"I tried to tell the Home Office "I am 67. I don't need sex" said Yew.

He said he was of so many gay associations and had attended and worked as a steward at Pride festivals in Liverpool and wants to be able to die openly as a gay man and not go back to Malaysia and keep it a secret.

Yew's legal status in the UK is hanging by a thread and he currently has to report to immigration officials every fortnight and fears he could be detained at any of of these meetings. 

He arrived in the UK in 2005 on a visit visa and remained while working in the south of England.

According to The Daily Mail, in 2016, he was arrested for working illegally and detained for 10 months in an immigration centre before being housed in Home Office accommodation in Liverpool in 2017 and later in Kirkby, where he currently lives.

A judge sitting at an Immigration and Asylum Chamber said: "Taking all of the evidence in the round, I do find the appellant is not a homosexual as he claims."  

Yew says he lived a lie in Malaysia, where he got married at the age of 30 and had two children.

He says his wife left him in 1988, after discovering he was gay. She took their children to the USA, and he has had no contact with them since.

Yew is now faced with having to provide new evidence in a bid to persuade the authorities to allow him to stay.

A petition has since been created in a bid to stop Yew's deportation back to Malaysia

The petition calls on the UK's Home Office to grant Yew asylum in the country.