Firemen called in just to get rid of a worm!

Image from Facebook

By Youth Connect Reader

I know we can call our emergency services for almost any situation, but please, let us be realistic.

Each time a team leaves the Fire and Rescue Services Department, it means time and money and also possibly pulling them away from some other real emergency.

Recently, I was upset to read about how a team had to respond to an emergency about a "snake".

Well, this snake turned out to be nothing more than a ringworm.

Seriously, can't you people tell the difference between a snake and a worm?

The incident apparently took place along Jalan Cemara 3, Saujana Utama 1 in Sungai Buloh about 9.10pm.

When they arrived, they only found a five inches long worm which they simply tossed outside.

What a waste of time, money and resources.

Please people, don't do things like this.