Netizens express mixed feelings over UUM club’s Blackpink post

Blackpink's concert was not accepted by the UUM Perkim club

By Huzraifah Atikah

Blackpink? What is that? Can eat ah? No. 

If you were wondering who or what is Blackpink, it means you are probably not a Kpop fan or it is just not your thing.

Blackpink is actually a famous Korean pop star band from YG Entertainment.

The band members consist four girls - Rose, Jenny, Jiso and Lisa.

However, not all Malaysians welcome such concerts and of course their recent concert here drew various criticisms.

In fact, even a local artist, Abby Abadi hit out at Blackpink’s concert and many Blinks (Blackpink’s fan) were pretty unhappy  over her statement. 

Recently, the UUM Perkim club also posted a statement on their Facebook with a title that says ‘Konsert Blackpink: Penyumbang Kepada Keruntuhan Moral Mahasiswa’.

The post was written in Malay by Maryam Jamillah where she said:

Maryam said Perkim UUM club does not support the Blackpink concert in Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam due to the Kpop band’s dressing and dance moves.

She said Blackpink’s dressing style and dance moves were a bad influence on Malaysians and it challenges Islamic values in Malaysia as a Muslim majority country. 

It was unacceptable to approve their performance in Malaysia, she added.

Maryam said Muslims and other religious people will also feel uncomfortable with Blackpink’s style and dance moves, which would corrupt  the mindsets of young people. 

She ended with a request for the government to be more careful in future in approving such concerts.

Her  post quickly received over 3,500 comments, more than 7,000 likes and also shared over 4,000 times. 

While some agreed with Maryam, others hit out at her statement. 

Many Blinks also defended Blackpink’s concert and said it was not easy to get the Kpop band to perform in Malaysia as they were really famous and have fans all over the world. 

Tickets were also sold out as soon as it was announced.

Well, it sure looks like Blackpink has a strong fan base in Malaysia.

Here’s what some of them were saying:

So what do you think of this? Do you agree with Maryam or the majority of people?