Better political standards needed

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By Youth Connect Team

The Semenyih by-election has surely seen an increasingly divisive campaign leading to it.
After the historic BN fall last May, many felt the hitherto unshakable coalition has been dealt a death blow that it may never be able to recover from.

However, a series of missteps by the Pakatan Harapan coupled with a resurgent Najib Razak, has disillusioned many of its supporters and it seems like the momentum is going against them at the moment. Or at least that’s what the indication on social media is.

It looks like the BN has somewhat learned from their defeat and is doing what PH did best as Opposition previously.
That is to maximise the use of the social media in reaching out to the people.

Although this may be one of PH’s failures, it looks like the ruling coalition fell into a bigger trap laid by the BN.
Getting hammered by the BN over its manisfesto promises, they effectively managed to bog down PH in defense mode.
Najib also took centre stage in Semenyih with his relentless postings on FB.

At one stage, PH seemed to be clueless to be how to handle all these. Ironically, this was how BN was prior to GE14, wherethey came under relentless attacks from the PH.

As a coalition that has ruled Selangor for more than 10 years, PH (then Pakatan Rakyat) has managed to do much in the state. From free water to affordable housing, many seemed to be satisfied with their performance. But instead of highlighting their accomplishments, they were lured into defending their failures.

Surely the BN and PH have their failures, just like any other governments in the world but one should not evaluate a government by this standard alone.

Judge them by their accomplishments and don’t be drawn into negative campaigning tactics like what is happening in Semenyih.

Looking at their track records in development and people’s welfare, PH seems to have an edge in Semenyih.
Selangor is the most developed state in the country while the Hulu Langat district is one of the most developing areas in the state.

With a large Malay population here, the development has ensured that Bumiputeras are not neglected while traditional villages are still maintained.

About 2,500 affordable houses have either been handed over or nearing completion and many other low-cost projects will be completed soon. These projects have benefited the low-income group.

PH should be highlighting these types of successes and other infrastructure projects they have carried out.
However, they were more focused on battling the “Bossku” phenomenon and engaging the BN.

The BN’s strategy seems to have worked as they only focused on national issues and the manisfesto. The rakyat resonate more easily to these as it involved bread and butter issues.

BN’s Nazri Aziz even took potshots at the MCA but although it riled the component parties of the BN, it made little impact on the Malay electorate.

That’s how much the campaigning has gone off-tangent with divisive politics using race and religion. Seems like some still want it to work.

No matter what the results are, it looks like PH has a lot of work to do. First to grapple with the social media, then to slowly show that it can rise above race and religion, and bring Malaysia to greater heights.
Please show that Malaysians are much better than the mud-slinging that took place in Semenyih.