PTPTN: Is it wise to threaten?

PTPTN loans seems to be a big problem in Malaysia - Pix from Google

By Nadhirah Sofea Rashid

Is threatening PTPTN borrowers the right decision?

No, of course not. It is immature and probably won't even solve the issue.

PTPTN chairman Wan Saiful Wan Jan yesterday urged them to pay their debts or there will be no more loans for new students.

Some feel his statement will not help them at all as many are still jobless.

According to figures released by the Statistics Department last year, the unemployment rate in the country was at 3.5 % or 504,100 unemployed and it is very alarming.

So, how are they going to pay?

Also, can one live with minimum wage in Malaysia?

The new minimum salary in Malaysia has been set at RM1,100 starting January.

Most of the borrowers admit that they did not intend to run away from paying their debts. 

But they have to postpone it simply because they did not have enough money.

Farah Amirah, 24, said she could not pay her PTPTN loan despite having completed her studies as she had financial constraints.

"It does not mean I am refusing to pay but I only working part-time with a monthly salary of about RM1,000.

"The amount is not enough because in addition to daily expenses, it is also used to pay house rent, groceries and transport. Due to the high cost of living, it is just enough," she said.

Farah also mentioned that her other friends are also in the same shoes.

And for that reason, they can only pray to get a steady job with the right income to pay back their loans.

They hope that government will help them by providing job opportunities as many graduates are unemployed after graduating.

Instead of insisting they pay back, the government should revise it's policies and assist the unemployed.

PTPTN as an institution that provides loans for higher education students, should realize that with more getting jobs, more will pay back.

The government must play its role in solving this issue as current measures were insufficient.

Assist, rather than threaten, solve the issue rather than whining like immature children.