Pervert caught taking up-skirt videos in Sunway Pyramid

Pix from Google

By Nadhirah Sofea Rashid

Reports of a man caught taking up skirt videos in Sunway Pyramid have since gone viral!

Euw, what a pervert!

Facebook user, James Chow was at a clothing store when he saw a man dubiously approaching few women.

The guy was carrying a bag with a hidden phone in it. 

He would move close to the victims and angle the shopping bag so the phone could record under the skirt. 

Chow informed mall personnel and along with some security guards secretly followed the alleged pervert.

Security guards then caught the guy and brought him to a nearby police station where Chow also lodged a report.

There, the police found hundreds of up-skirt videos in the man's phone.

So ladies, be careful! Always be aware of people around you. Never know what they are up to.