Can a single person get by with RM1,870 a month in the Klang Valley?

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By John Isaac

So, can a single person using public transport survive with RM1,870 per month?

From my personal experience, highly unlikely.

Rental for a room in the Klang Valley at the least is RM400, while using public transport can easily cost between RM350 - RM400 a month and even more on rainy days.

According to the EPF's expenditure guide, BelanjawanKu, RM1,870 is the recommended income for a single person to get by each month.

This is provided he or she uses public transport.

With about RM800 a month on rental and transport, a person is left with about RM1,000.

From that, he or she probably needs to send some money back home, then what about daily food expenses, medical bills and others?

To be realistic, RM2.500 would be a more likely figure.

Also, RM6,620 for a couple with two kids is crazy, unless you live in a low-cost flat and each of them drive a Kancil.

Rental alone in the Klang Valley is at the least RM1,800 for a small apartment.

What about monthly payments for two cars, children's insurance, food, kindergarten etc?

From what I hear, even RM12,000 a month is pretty steep.

Personally, I do not think the figures are applicable to life in the Klang Valley. Maybe for a smaller town?