#5 Things You Can Do This Week (Women’s Day!)

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By Syafiqah Azman

Well, there is something special happening today! Can you guess what is it?

It is International Women’s Day! Weehoo! 

So, do you have any plans with your clique and girlfriends on what to do during this special weekend? Worry not, we got your back! Here’s #5 things you can do or places you can go to this weekend to celebrate Women’s Day!

1. Kuasa Wanita @ The Gasket Alley, PJ

In supporting International Women’s Day celebration this 8th March, IndiependentMy has organised a gig that features a line-up of women-fronted bands and women artists from a variety of music genres! 

There will be Senja, VIONA, Jetcetera, Pastel Lite and also Pandoras performing tonight. 

You can grab your ticket for just RM25 at the door and enjoy watching their performances! 

2. Women of Worth Series: Sex Ed by SPOT @ Triune, KL Eco City  

Well maybe a little bit on education won’t hurt you. You can join this sexuality education workshops and there will be a question and answer session. 

This will help not just parents, but also teachers and adults in understanding what is happening ‘on the ground’ with their children. 

You can register at www.eventbrite.com and get the tickets for the Saturday event. 

3. International Women’s Day March 

“End violence, respect women!” This year, the International Women’s Day march will be held at Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur. With the hashtag #WomensMarchMY, this march is not just fighting for women’s right but also other important things such as banning all child marriages.

If you are wondering on the route maps, time and meeting points, head out to womensmarchmy.wordpress.com to get all the information. 

4. Wonder Women @ Pisco Bar, Bukit Bintang

If you are tired seeing men become the only person behind the decks, then yo this one is cool! You can check this Pisco Bar for Wonder Women series where you can watch talented female DJs conquer the night and fully take charge for the Pisco's decks! 

There will be DJs Dora, LZZY and RIMKA for the night of International Women's Day, 8 March. So, don't forget to catch these amazing women there! See ya! 

5. Victress Niche Art Exhibition @ G13 Gallery