Ketari assemblywoman gets divorced

Image from The Star

By John Isaac

DAP's Ketari assemblywoman, Young Syefura Othman was officially divorced by her husband Muhammad Masyhur Abdullah with “lafaz talak satu” (divorce pronouncement) after les than three years of marriage.

Muhammad Masyhur, 32, as the plaintiff, made the pronouncement against his 30-year-old wife, who is also known as Rara, before Syariah judge Mohd Saifullah Hamzah here today.

Earlier, Muhammad Masyhur told the court that he filed the divorce application as there were differences in their marriage.

“Efforts to save the marriage were made, but it did not work out,” he said before pronouncing the talak.

Rara and Muhammad Masyhur attended the proceeding without being represented by lawyers.

Both appeared to be calm throughout the proceeding.

According to The Star, the divorce application was filed on March 1.

Rara and Muhammad Masyhur, who is an investment manager, were married on Sept 24, 2016.

They do not have children.

The couple's wedding reception took place at Sangkot Garden, Hulu Langat.