Former council employee reveals painful truth

Image from Facebook

By John Isaac

A former council employee has taken to Facebook to relate how he had to painfully pay for all he did as part of his job.

Sivaneswaran said his job included capturing and killing innocent dogs inhumanely and how his baby had to pay for his sins.

He said he had been working with the council for two years.

He believes that due to all the things he had done, his baby was born with several defects.

"I used to capture, tie and hang up dogs until they died. We also used to hit them with sticks.

"It was merciless, but we were just following orders," he said.

He said his baby's condition was critical and the infant suffered for eight months with needles all over the body.

"Back then, we even killed puppies which were just two days old. I deeply regret what I did, but God took away my child after eight months of suffering," he wrote.

He said he wanted to stop lying to people that the dogs were taken elsewhere.

"Its all lies. I would rather be jobless like I am now than to kill those dogs every Friday morning," he added.

He also urged his former colleagues to look for other jobs and not continue doing what they were now.