Don't panic after SPM results!

SPM is not the end of life, don't panic! - Pix from Google

By Nadhirah Sofea Rashid

The much awaited or even dreaded day for many is tomorrow. With the SPM results due to be released tomorrow, many will now be experiencing these- nervousness, tension, scared, anxiety - just name it. Many have gone through and its now crunch time for yet another batch.

Whatever you are feeling now is normal, so don't worry about it!

If you get straight A's, congratulations! And if you don't, its okay. 

It is not the end of the world.

So what do you do if your SPM results are not to your expectations?

First of all, it's okay to feel gloomy. 

However, you should not blame yourself too much. 

After all, SPM is just another step in life, right?

Instead of crying and blaming yourself, here are four things you need to do if you are not satisfied with your results!

1.Re-sit SPM

If you are not happy with your results or if you want a better grade, you can choose to re-sit your papers.

A total of 12,589 candidates resat for SPM 2017 while there were 11,057 candidates last year.

SPM Ulangan will be held in June.

Candidates can only sit for three subjects - which are Bahasa Melayu, Mathematics and History.

Therefore, if you are planning to re-sit SPM, you could start preparing early for better grades. Or you may even re-sit for all the subjects in November.

2. Consider technical courses

There are many technical courses in Malaysia for those more inclined to such skills. 

Public institutions like polytechnics, community colleges, vocational colleges and other higher learning institutions can accommodate about 230,000 students.

You can also choose to join TVET Malaysia programmes where they offer certificate, diploma and degree levels.

There are over 1,000 TVET institutions in Malaysia, both private and government.

Records show 66,000 students entered TVET in 2017.

Technical courses will give you the chance to sharpen your skills and maximise your strength by focusing on vocational fields that will suit your passion and ability.

3. Identify your strengths

We are all born with strengths and weaknesses. Only you know what are you capable of.

Start by identifying your strongest subjects.

Then you can do more research on courses that suit your interest, passion and strength.

The next step is to research on universities or colleges that offer courses suitable for you.

4. Start working

If you think studying is not for you, you can always enter the workforce after SPM.

For a start, you can work your way up the career ladder by taking on jobs such as sales advisor, administrative clerk, customer service executive, tutor for primary students or even as a kitchen crew.

And if the entrepreneurial spirit is burning inside you, don't waste time and start your business!

On the contrary, a weak result might motivate you to study even harder.

Remember its not all over yet. This is just the start of many things that one can do in life.

Bear in mind that learning does not stop at the age of 17, as it is a life long process.