Reader believes IMU student needs medical help

Image from Facebook

By YC Reader

I think this guy needs some serious medical attention. The medical student from IMU, Kiran Raj is still not done with his insensitive and irresponsible comments.

Yesterday, Gerakan Youth lodged a police report against him for claiming ethnic Chinese men had a small penis!

Apparently, its youth chief, Pang Whye Nam came across the post in the comments section of a news article on the death of local actress, Emily Kong last Saturday.

He said the comment was totally inappropriate and urged the authorities to investigate the matter and take action against those responsible.

According to screenshots posted on social media, Kiren allegedly boasted on Facebook that he has slept with many Chinese women because “Chinese guy penis small no stamina... Plan to push Chinse [sic] out of the country.. Only the prostitute remain here.”

Kiren first posted that Kong’s accident could have been avoided had she not left the pub alone, despite no mention of her prior location or activity.

“Condolences... I hope all the girls learn a good lesson now... Never leave the pub without a guy.

“Man and woman work together... We offer you a safe drive home and you give us makeout or sex I mean girls like sex too right ” the young man allegedly wrote on Facebook.

This student has some serious issues and apart from a police investigation, he should also be sent for some medical evaluation.

It is such a pity for his parents to have a son like this, who is nothing more than a disgrace to the family.