Student scammed of RM23k after thinking she could get free iPhone

Image from Facebook

By John Isaac

Scammers are everywhere and it is up to us to be wary of them.

In the most recent case, an 18-year-old girl lost RM23,000 after she was scammed into believing she could get an iPhone 8 for free.

Yong said she added a WeChat user who supposedly  promotes iPhone products on Feb 26.

"The WeChat user claimed that I will get a free iPhone 8 if I share their WeChat QR code to all of my WeChat groups.

"After I have done so, the user then said I have to transfer RM158 to an account number to get the phone but the user said it will be refunded," she said.

According to reports in The Star, the amount that had to be paid to get the phone continued to grow, Yong added.

"On March 1, the user then said that the phone that I will get is just the front cover, thus I have to pay for the phone's battery, RAM and CPU.

"Again, the user claimed that all paid fees will be refunded," she said.

Yong said one of the fees was for an administrative fee amounting to RM15,888.

"I continued to pay as I was confident that my money will be refunded.

"I ended up paying a total of RM23,000, which I borrowed from my uncle," the girl said.

One of her last payments was on March 5 and ever since, she has not received the phone, let alone the refund.

"I have since lodged a police report at the Seremban police station," she said.

Well, if something is too good to be true, then it surely is not!